Mr. Belt and Wezol

Lakedance & Beachboom

A month ago I got the opportunity to follow Mr. Belt & Wezol around photographing Lakedance and Beachboom. We started the day off by driving to Lakedance with the whole team after we arrived we got or backstage passes and walked around the venue and took some bts pictures. After that, they got ready preparing for the gig and I spoke to the operator so I knew when the special effects would be out.

During the gig, I first started off photographing the start of the gig on the main stage. After that, I moved on to the crowd and VIP area. Most of the time the VIP area has the best view so I recommend that when photographing a festival definitely check out the VIP area if you have the clearance for it. At the end of the gig I got back in the crowd now I did not any exactly know when the confetti and co2 would be out. So you need to be ready all the time. So make sure that you got your lens on that you want and prepare what shot in your head. So just stand in the right spot and just wait.

After the gig, we rushed to Beachboom where we first could not find the entrance. Because of that we were a bit late and rushed into the venue. The stage of beach boom was not like your typical festival stage. Since this one had the stage at the center a the crowd around it.  And the stage was spinning was challenging to photograph. Since there was little room to stand next to the spinning stage. After the gig, we ate backstage and drove back. I would like to thanks Bart and Sam for making this day possible and Thijs and Chung.

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